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Jamaica is a popular tourist destination, an island of spectacular beauty. Bangarah Trading Enterprises aims at encouraging and positioning itself to facilitate travelling and trading links between the Carribean and Southern Africa. The cooperation aims to develop stronger link based on the market forces that will determine our position as a serious competitor within the business sector.


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Namibia is a vast area largely under-populated but houses some of the best tourist attraction facilities in the World and the government has made it a priority to invite the world to come and enjoy the splendour, beauty and the mysteries this country has to offer. The wildlife is second to none.

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P O Box 27176, Windhoek,Namibia, Africa
Cell: +264 855636381
Fax: +264 61 401264
Tel: +26461401271 or +26461401272

Tour Guide and Holiday

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Tourism is one of the hotspots where Bangarah Trading Enterprises has a hand in. Africa houses ten of the world’s fastest growing economies and with the African Union vision of linking the Afrikan diasporas as the six region of Africa, tourism is one of the encouraging sector where people from the Caribbean, Central, North America and Europe are making their way to see the splendors of Africa. Arranging tour guiding experiences is one of the specialty of the corporation, particularly trips within the SADC area to provide a life time experience opportunity to many people who are yet to see and know some of the surrounding beauty Africa offers to the world. The Caribbean particularly Jamaica, St Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago are just some of the hotspots that many people on the African continent dream of visiting and Bangarah Trading Enterprise is at hand to make such a dream becomes a reality. 


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The African union is keen to promote stronger trading relationship between the Caricom block, particularly due to the fact that the Afrikan-diaspora is recognised as the sixth region of Africa. Bangarah Trading Enterprises aims to cement this link through trading relationships, particularly providing two way importation of Pan-Afrikan books, tourism and other related activities.

Europian Union

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The European Union is a major trading block with a strong historical trading relationship within the African continent and the Carribean. Bangarah Trading Enterprises will continue to build strong trading relationships with various entities within the EU region and beyond. We aim to import chocolate and clothing products from the EU block and beyond, to satisfy the market needs of its esteemed customers, as well as to export African products to these areas.

Afican Union

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The African continent houses over 10 of the world’s fastest growing economies and there is now official commitment to develop stronger inter-trading relationship. Bangarah Trading Enterprises has carefully positioned itself to benefit from this new ambitious dream. The company will trade in clothing, artefacts, food and edutainment products amongst other things, subject to market forces.

Bagarah Trading Enterprises

Bagarah Trading Enterprises is a registered company under the Namibia Law as a Close Corporation in the Republic of Namibia. The enterprise is principally a manufacturing company specializing in food sources manufacturing particularly the Ayisha’s herbal and cheese-spread ranges. All products are patented protected under international laws.

-Tour Guide Services & Accommodation

-Pan-African BookShops & Entertainment

-Manufacturing & Distribution

“Please stay alert for our book fairs!”

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